Ufanisi Resort Prices per Night: Hotel Rooms Prices, BNB Services, Capacity & Booking Contacts

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Ufanisi Resort prices per night are highly welcoming among deep-pocket residents and travellers from across the world. The hotel is indeed a jewel nested in a five-acre of lushly landscaped terrain in Kisii County.

Ufanisi Resort Prices per Night Hotel Rooms Prices, BNB Services, Capacity & Booking Contacts

Offers at Ufanisi range from accommodation to swimming, signature dining, and drinks – all served in a serene environment.

Ufanisi Resort prices per night

The cost of spending a night at Ufanisi varies greatly depending on the included amenities.

How much does it accommodation at Ufanisi Resort in Kisii?

Superior standardKsh. 6,000
Superior standardKsh. 6,500
SuiteKsh. 7,500

The hotel will certainly meet your satisfaction for hotel room comfort and make your stay at Ufanisi Resort pleasant and restful.

The capacity of the Ufanisi Hotel is as follows;

Conference halls6

A playground for children is also available alongside the swimming pool for adults.

Also available are SPA services and hiking trips to the nearby Manga Hills.

In addition, there are arranged tours to the world-famous wildebeest migration, Eight Wonder at the Maasai Mara through Oloolunga and a visit to the local famous soapstone carvers at Tabaka.

Even better is the abundance of trees with a homely feel.

BNB services

Ufanisi offers first-class bed and breakfast services in various parts of the country.

Stay on point with Ufanisi’s latest job offers and exclusive BNB services in the following locations;

  • Ufanisi Mararo Nairobi
  • Ufanisi Ngecha Farmhouse Nakuru
  • Ufanisi Section 58 Nakuru

The hotel guarantees a well-equipped kitchen, workspace, refrigerator, hot shower, and WiFi among other amenities.

Ufanisi Resort contacts

AddressNyakongo – Masosa Road, Kisii

Contact customer care for further inquiries.

Ufanisi Resort prices per night are highly competitive in the calibre of Kamel Park, Dans Hotel, Le Premier, and Maya Resort.