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Trending » Education » Suguta Girls KCSE Results 2023: Mean Grade, KUCCPS Ranking, Performance Analysis, and Contacts

Suguta Girls KCSE Results 2023: Mean Grade, KUCCPS Ranking, Performance Analysis, and Contacts

Suguta Girls KCSE results, Mean Grade, & Performance Analysis

Suguta Girls KCSE results in 2022 are outstanding for their high mean score and pass rate. As a result, the majority of recent candidates are university materials.

St. Claire Suguta Girls Secondary School principal, Mrs Zipporah Maua Nyandoro, is proud of the KNEC outcomes.

Suguta Girls KCSE results 2022

Mrs Zipporah attributes the good performance to a spirit of competition among learners and her TSC-qualified teachers.

Below is a detailed grade distribution.

  • students scored A (plain)
  • students scored A- (minus)
  • 11 students scored B+ (plus)
  • 101 students scored B (plain)
  • 106 students scored B- (minus)
  • 147 students scored C+ (plus)
  • 10 students scored C (plain)
  • 8 students scored C- (minus)
  • 5 students scored D+ (plus)
  • 3 students scored D (plain)

Unlike the previous year, Suguta did not manage an A- score in the recently announced 2022 KCSE results.

The number of candidates who scored C+ (plus) and above is particularly amusing.

Suguta Girls KCSE performance analysis

The latest KNEC results were impressive but way below expectations.

Tabulated is a summarized comparison of the latest academic outcomes.

University entry48198365
Pass Rate45.71%97.54%93.35%

Doubling the pass rate between 2020 and 2021 is perhaps the greatest achievement at Suguta Girls.

Suguta Girls within Nyamache Sub County has since retained its academic legacy.

Similarly, the mean score continues to pump higher with ever-increasing enrolment.

St. Claire Suguta Girls History

The academic uprising Suguta in Nyamache Sub-county is a boarding school with an approximate enrollment of about 650 students.

The school has recorded a steady improvement in their performance in the last two consecutive years which is quite commendable.

Location, directions, and contacts

Suguta Girls is accessible from the Kisii-Kilgoris Road via Nyamache Junction. More specifically, it sits along Nyamache-Borangi Road.

Phone  number
Postal Address158, 40200 – Nyamache
KNEC code40732103

Visit the school for further inquiries on student affairs including admission requirements and fee structure.

St Claire Suguta Girls Secondary School located nearby Nyamache High School and Magena Girls High School is an institution to watch closely.

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