Emotional as Twin Sisters mourn Actress Faith of Ndizi TV saying she was a family breadwinner

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The death of actress Faith Nyanchama Ongwae at 25 years is a huge blow to the family and fellow entertainers at Ndizi TV. The most tearful is her widowed mother Jane Bosibori. Twin Sisters mourn Actress Faith is another emotional bit of the story.

Twin Sisters mourn Actress Faith of Ndizi TV

A majority of family members who have spoken on camera seem to emphasize the fact that Faith was a breadwinner and a family light bearer. She was reportedly the main provider for her mom and school-going lastborn twins.

Emotional! Twin Sisters mourn Actress Faith

Actress Risper Sisters, Barongo and Lonah, speaking to Anchor Kerubo
Photo: Actress Risper Sisters, Barongo and Lonah, speaking to Anchor Kerubo . SRC: Inka TV

Third born sister Sarah Bochaberi witnessed the passing away of Actress Faith. She recounts it as an unforgettable experience in life.

Also hurting are her lastborn twin sisters Josephine Barongo and Lonah Ongwae who relied on Faith for their upkeep and school fees.

The two Form One learners at Kiendege Secondary School can not stop shedding tears at the mention of their late sister.

β€œOur greatest need is to have someone who can provide our school fees as Faith did. Even if it means up to form four, God will surely bless them abundantly.”

Actress Faith, twin sisters.

Faith, a fifth born, is one of the 7 children in the family of Jane Bosibori and the late Ongwae.

She recently lost a fourth born sibling a few years ago.

Her unfortunate passing away leaves behind Sarah and her twin sisters given that the firstborn and second-born sisters are married.

Actress Risper of Ndizi TV

Faith Nyanchama popularly called Actress Risper on Ndizi TV videos and latest episodes was a determined lady.

She regretted dropping out of school after her primary education because of poverty. For that reason, Faith insisted on the education of her last born twin sisters.

Sisters mourn Actress Faith Nyanchama is a touching story her close relatives and a legion of supporters. Gusii celebrities have confirmed her burial on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, at Kiomoso Village near Kegati, within Gachuba Ward, Nyamira County.