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Trending » Education » Riambase Secondary School KCSE Results 2023: Performance Analysis, Code, KUCCPS Mean Grade Rank

Riambase Secondary School KCSE Results 2023: Performance Analysis, Code, KUCCPS Mean Grade Rank

Riambase Secondary School KCSE Results in 2022 and Performance Analysis

Riambase DEB is a top performer public secondary school within Kisii County. The institution is on the spot for registering an illustrious mean grade in the recently released national examination. A summary of Riambase Secondary School KCSE results 2021 is noteworthy.

The joy of excelling is still in the air even as those who failed to meet academic targets weigh their few options. Of interest are grade distribution and direct university entries.

Riambase Secondary School KCSE 2021 results summary

The exemplary KNEC results of Riambase DEB are as follows.

  • students scored A (plain)
  • students scored A- (minus)
  • 3 students scored B+ (plus)
  • 41 students scored B (plain)
  • 103 students scored B- (minus)
  • 125 students scored C+ (plus)
  • 164 students scored C (plain)
  • 109 students scored C- (minus)
  • 37 students scored D+ (plus)
  • students scored D (plain)
  • 3 students scored X (absent)

The above KNEC results confirm that Riambase candidates scored admirably.

Unfortunately, 3 candidates missed sitting for their exams.

Riambase Secondary school performance analysis

Here is a detailed performance comparison.

Pass Rate96.30%46.34%

Kisii 2021-2022 examination results are truly motivating with Riambase DEB mixed secondary school at the top.

The good news is that 272 out of 587 candidates managed to obtain KUCCPS direct university entry. The pass rate is, therefore, 46.34 per cent.

Overall, Riambase DEB Secondary School obtained a mean grade of 6.5, equivalent to a C (plain).

Location, directions, address, & contacts

Riambase Secondary is within Bobasi Constituency, Kisii County. It is highly accessible off the busy Kisii – Kilgoris road, around Nyamache town.

The institution is about 26 kilometres from Kisii Town and highly accessible from Magena Boys High School.

Riambase Secondary School KCSE results in 2021 were significantly lower compared to 2020. Even so, the mean grade is commendable.

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