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Trending » Education » Nyabururu Girls KCSE Results 2023: Mean Grade, Performance Analysis, KNEC Code & Phone Contacts

Nyabururu Girls KCSE Results 2023: Mean Grade, Performance Analysis, KNEC Code & Phone Contacts

Nyabururu Girls KCSE Results, Mean Grade, and KNEC Code

Nyabururu Girls KCSE results 2022 is out with excellent grades and a striking mean score.

Jubilations are ongoing after posting a national school befitting marks in the recently concluded Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Nyabururu Girls KCSE Results 2022

KCSE exam concluded on December 23rd is now a cause of celebration and academic torment among recent candidates.

CS Machogu released the results on Friday, April 20th, 2023 after weeks of intensive marking and analysis.

  • 0 students scored A (plain)
  • 26 students scored A- (minus)
  • 77 students scored B+ (plus)
  • 99 students scored B (plain)
  • 97 students scored B- (minus)
  • 84 students scored C+ (plus)
  • 22 students scored C (plain)
  • 14 students scored C- (minus)
  • 4 students scored D+ (plus)
  • 1 student  scored D (plain)

Producing 26 A-students is a major highlight – though the number dropped from the previous year.

Our Lady of Lourdes Nyabururu Girls National School with 424 candidates managed a mean score of 8.63 in the 2022 KCSE Exams.

Nyabururu Girls KCSE performance analysis

Detailed is a KNEC exam comparison and review.

University entry316354383
Mean scores7.848.848.63
Pass rate76.51%91.47%90.3%

A steady rise in mean grade is particularly commendable.


Nyabururu Girls KNEC code, location, reports, and contacts are summarized below.

KNEC Code38600003
Postal533 – 40200
RankNational School
LocationKisii County

Nyabururu in Kitutu Central is only a few kilometres from the outstanding Kisii University.

Besides, the national school sits a few meters from the busy Kisii-Kisumu road.

Nyabururu Girls contacts – phone number

Phone 10739388945
P.O Box533- 40200, Kisii

Contact the Kisii town based secondary school for admissions and fee structure.

Above all, Nyabururu Girls KCSE results in 2022 are slightly a decrease of the mean grade from the previous year 2021.

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