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Trending » Religion » Kelsy Kerubo Biography: Age, Boyfriend, Latest Songs, and all Msanii Music Group Profile Facts

Kelsy Kerubo Biography: Age, Boyfriend, Latest Songs, and all Msanii Music Group Profile Facts

Lydia Kelsy Kerubo Biography and profile facts

Kelsy Kerubo Lydia is a sensational songbird within the outstanding Msanii Music Group. She is equally a fast-rising solo artist with several songs and albums on YouTube. Her successes are evident in Kelsy Kerubo biography.

A mushrooming legion of followers attests to a perfect combination of beauty and sharp vocals. Kelsey is particularly the queen of soulful gospel music.

3 profile facts in Kelsy Kerubo biography.

Msanii Music Group member Kelsy Kerubo with latest songs
Photo: Msanii Music Group member Kelsy Kerubo with latest songs . SRC: @kelsy_kerubo

Kelsy Kerubo of the Kisii ethnic group is highly expressive and mostly smiling along with the rhythm.

The making of her life story is highly appealing among staunch followers.

1. Kelsy Kerubo age is 23 years old

Born on August 25th, 1999, Kelsy Kerubo is 23 years old as of 2023. She will be celebrating her 23rd birthday later in the year.

According to her Facebook account, Kelsy is not only passionate about music but also spiritual encouragement in life.

Speaking about education, Kelsy is an ongoing student at Kenyatta University where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

On the other hand, she has not disclosed her dating life and relationships.

2. She is a founding member of the Msanii Group Choir

Kelsy is an awakening alto singer within Msanii Music Group. She is also a talented soprano artist.

Close sources allege that Kelsy is a founding member of the lately international Msanii Studio Choir.

Msanii Studio CEO, Joash Nyamongo, has previously described Kelsy as a smart and hardworking lady.

3. Kelsy has uploaded trendy songs on her Channel

Most songs on Kelsy Kerubo YouTube Channel from a few months ago have already exceeded 100k views.

The channel with at least 20k subscribers is a soft spot for those seeking melodious songs.

List of Kelsy Kerubo songs and mp3 download

Kelsy Kerubo Atatenda is the commonest track in her albums. Here are more;

  • Asante
  • Atatenda
  • Hayafichiki
  • Nafsi Yangu
  • Barua Yangu
  • Niko Salama
  • Njooni Nyote
  • Huru Kwa Pendo
  • Safari Ya Wanaisraeli
  • Mungu Wa Ishara ft Lilian Kirui

Kelsy is on record for singing live at Kasarani during the Wiper Democratic Movement National delegate Conference.

She continues to rise higher on music charts for her determination.

Kelsy Kerubo contacts and address

  • Email address:
  • Facebook: Kelsy Kerubo
  • Instagram: @kelsy_kerubo
  • YouTube: Kelsy Kerubo

The username is also available on TikTok and leading streaming sites such as iTunes.

Kelsy Kerubo biography summarises her love for music and professional career goals. She is certainly one of the most talented music queens from Gusiiland.

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