The Inspiring Journey of Joshua Okumu Moenga [Professor] TUMSA Presidential Candidate 2023

Joshua Okumu Moenga a.k.a Professor, is a name that you’ll be hearing more of in the coming weeks in the corridors of the Technical University of Mombasa. Professor is ready to take the lead even as the TUMSA 2023 elections loom between the 10th and 12th weeks of this semester. But how well do you know Professor? 

The Inspiring Journey of Joshua Okumu Moenga [Professor], TUMSA’s 2023 Presidential Hopeful

Moenga is gearing up to take on a host of other presidential aspirants in the coming elections. But before he sets his sights on the top position, he has to secure the endorsement of the “Mwanyagetinge” Community. His supporters believe that this endorsement is well within his grasp, given the dedication and vision he brings to the table.

Joshua Okumu Moenga profile summary

Real nameJoshua Okumu Moenga
CourseElectrical and Electronic Engineering
Birthday3rd October
AspiringTUMSA president
Role modelBabu Owino

Joshua Okumu Moenga biography

Professor proudly identifies himself as a member of the Kisii tribe. He was born in Nyamira County and celebrating his birthday on October 3rd.

His path to leadership began early in life during his primary school years at Bobembe Boys Boarding School.

Joshua started as a class representative in lower grades, ascended to the role of deputy president in class 7 and eventually became the school president in class 8.

He continued to practice his leadership skills during his secondary education at Tengecha High School. Here, he served as a dormitory chairman and an active member of the debate club.

Professor’s campus leadership

In 2020, his stellar academic performance paved the way for his admission to the prestigious Technical University of Mombasa where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Joshua has continued his journey of leadership while on campus. Currently, he serves as a congressperson, immersing himself further in the intricacies of university governance.

Throughout his time in Congress, he has consistently demonstrated commitment and dedication to representing the interests of his peers.

Professor has now set his sights on the TUMSA President seat while he enters his fourth year at TUM.

While being interviewed, Joshua revealed that his aspirations reach far beyond the campus boundaries.

He aspires to become one of the world’s most exceptional leaders. A vision fueled by his key role models including Babu Owino, Governor Simba Arati and former U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Technical University of Mombasa is poised to hold its elections this semester, scheduled between the 10th and 12th week.

As the political atmosphere begins to heat up, Joshua Okumu Moenga stands out as one of the aspirants hoping to clinch the presidency. He promises to bring change and transformative leadership to TUMSA.

Author, Karancha Edrian:
A versatile content writer, life coach, and an Engineering student at the Technical University of Mombasa.
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