Fonic Fibre Internet Packages & Prices: Phone Number, Installation Cost & WiFi Coverage in Kisii

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The Internet is lately everywhere but that is not necessarily the case for those seeking to go online at pocket-friendly rates. For that reason, connecting to Fonic Fibre internet packages is a relief among Kisii residents.

Fonic Fibre Internet Packages & Prices Phone Number, Installation Cost & WiFi Coverage in Kisii

Creative, Youtubers, bloggers, online academic writers, small businesses, corporate offices, and smart homeowners represent a majority of fast internet seekers in the country. The case in do different in Kisii town with at least 200,000 residents.

Fonic Fibre internet packages, contacts, coverage

Apart from giga speeds, Fonic Fibre is excellent when it comes to reliability and customer support.

Detailed below are best-seller internet plans and their monthly pricing.

3 MbpsKsh. 1,500
5 MbpsKsh. 2,500
7 MbpsKsh. 3,500
10 MbpsKsh. 6,000

A one-time installation fee of Ksh. 12,000 applies to new subscribers.

Fonic Fibre coverage extends to all major Kisii town estates including the following;

  • Jogoo estate
  • Galilaya area
  • Mashauri area
  • Mwembe estate
  • Milimani estate
  • Nyanchwa estate
  • Menyinkwa estate
  • Kisii University
  • Kisii National Polytechnic

Widespread coverage guarantees fast and unlimited connection on call.

Fonic Fibre contacts

AddressMwembe, Kisii

Call customer care for help with installation and support services.

Fonic Fibre internet packages and prices are unbeatable with uninterrupted digital experience. Pay once, stay online all month long!