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Trending » Education » Bunyore Girls High School KCSE Results 2023: Performance Analysis, KUUCPS Mean Grade & Contacts

Bunyore Girls High School KCSE Results 2023: Performance Analysis, KUUCPS Mean Grade & Contacts

Bunyore Girls High School KCSE Results - Performance Analysis & Mean Grade

Bunyore Girls High School KCSE results 2022 stood out with an impressive mean grade and pass rate. Our performance analysis reveals how the national school manages excellence in academics.

Bunyore Girls featured in the list of top 100 schools in the recent KNEC exams released by CS Ezekiel Machogu on January 20th, 2023. Its outcomes are truly commendable.

Bunyore Girls High School KCSE results 2023

The class of 2022 did its best to make Bunyore Girls’ principal Mrs Judith Agade a happy school head. Also excited about the outcomes are staff members and parents.

Summarized below is the grade distribution.

  • 6 candidates scored A (plain)
  • 39 candidates scored A- [minus]
  • 70 candidates scored B+ [plus]
  • 88 candidates scored B [plain]
  • 99 candidates scored B- [minus]
  • 60 candidates scored C+ [plus]
  • 26 candidates scored C [plain]
  • 2 candidates scored C- [minus]
  • 1 candidate scored D+ [plus]

Bunyore Girls school performance analysis

Leading in Vihiga County is Bunyore Girls with a mean score of 8.63.

TheSchool has been recording impressive pass rates in the last five years.

D +103031

Fromthe above results, the number of A-plain students increased between 2021 and 2022.

Overall, the mean score of Bunyore Girls has remained steady since 2018.

Bunyore Girls High School history

The Cramers Missionaries from South Africa are founders of Bunyore Girls High School. The secondary school started in 1905 was initially a centre for commercial training.

The Ministry of Education would take charge of Bunyore Girls in 1968 after 6 decades under the Church of God Ministries.

Bunyore Girls contacts & address

The blue-themed Bunyore Girls High School located in Emuhaya Constituency, Vihiga County, is an academic destination in Western Kenya.

Phone number020-2311912
KNEC Code38600003
P.O. Box165, Maseno

Get in touch with the school admin for admissions, fee payment, and related concerns.

Bunyore Girls High School KCSE results are a cause for celebration with even greater expectations in the upcoming KNEC exams.

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