Andrew Kibe Education Background: Did Kibe Attend College/University – Nairobi Milimani School

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Andrew Kibe education background is debatable because he is a highly secretive celebrity in social circles. While he has told us enough about his secondary school studies, not much is public about his college pursuits.

Andrew Kibe Education Background Did Kibe Attend CollegeUniversity - Nairobi Milimani School

Initially a pastor and loving family man, Kibe no longer fits either of the descriptions. He says self-searching opened his world to bigger ideas beyond love and religion.  

Andrew Kibe education background

The highly controversial Kibe is on record for criticizing the value of university education.

He insists that talented youths should focus on gaining applicable skills instead of chasing certificates that will forever keep them locked in the pool of unemployment.

Is Andrew Kibe learned? Yes, YouTuber Andrew Kibe is an alumna of the prestigious Nairobi Milimani School where he studied alongside Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr.

However, not much info is available about his academic qualifications before and after secondary education.

Sources say that Andrew Kibe was a naughty student while continuing with his studies.

In some occasions, a bold personality often led him to dress in fancy clothes that looked like school uniforms.

While it is not clear what Kibe majored in after high school, he is a highly accomplished media personality with a huge following in mainstream media.

In 2016, speaking about women, sex, and alcohol would become his niche upon returning to Kenya from a working trip to India.

Andrew Kibe educational background offers minimal information beyond the fact that he is a competent content creator of our generation.